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German Customer: We had major issues with our product, having 90% returns. Sealants International produced a solution to our problem. Since moving to them over five years ago we have not had any product issues. We free issue all products & found their yield was 10% higher too!

UK Customer: Supplying over a million cartridges per annum to customer: We have used Sealants International for over 8 years, they have always supplied to our order & on time. Within our Quality & Service Sealants International are our highest ranking supplier.

UK Contract Packer: We fill all our products in-house, however, given a product we have not dealt with before, customer returned our product as it was solid in the tube. Spoke to Sealants International, they filled the order into the correct packaging & no issues!

French Customer: We required Pressure Packs with Automotive grade products, Sealants International were able to supply smaller quantities than others, with the technical knowledge of the product & support with all the necessary paperwork required for these. Added bonus of using a non-flammable propellant.

UK Customer: Having purchased Grease for many years, thanks to Sealants International we now buy the correct Grease for our application. Sales are up – Happy days!

Australian Customer: Sealants International were able to supply fully printed shippers (boxes), with product/colour bespoke bar-codes. Wrap around labels & quality products. Paperwork & refrigerated containers were also top notch.

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